Cardio Equipment


  • VAN

  1. Complete Functions: Equivalent to have a gym at home Aerobic and anearobic exercise Features scientific, effective, and well-designed exercising equipment, includes running, pull-ups, TRX, foldable chair, and other DIY exercises
  2. Space Saving: Possess less than 1 m² Vertical design replaces traditional horizontal design layouts
  3. Time-Saving: Workout anytime, Promotes health.
  4. Redefining home gym equipment: Superior quality unlike other traditional and dull workout products, no longer difficult to fit into home layouts, personal and integrated.
  5. Standard Layout (Main Wall Needed) Running machine (V-Run3), Chinning bar, Bamboo planks, Keel frame and folding stool 6. Optional (Main Wall not-needed) TRX Dart Board Bearing Frame Sandbag

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