Fitness Core-ner Yoga Foam Roller


Hight Quality Yoga Roller

Solid Urethane Material & High Density Foam

Durable Yoga Roller for your home workout



Follow these steps to use your foam roller:

  1. Pinpoint the sore or tight area of your muscle.
  2. Control your body as you slowly lower the targeted area so it’s centered above the roller.
  3. Lower your body onto the foam roller until you reach a point of discomfort (but not pain) and hold it there.
  4. Hold for 20–30 seconds
  5. The pressure alone provides benefits, but you can also roll slowly back and forth to further stimulate the area.
  6. Continue to move slowly along the muscle with the roller, stopping and holding in the areas that need more focus.

Additional information

Weight 0.41 kg

Benefit of Yoga Roller Workout

  • Relaxation
  • Release soreness
  • Reduces inflammation that occurs during the muscle repair process
  • Aids in muscle repair recovery
  • Helps injury prevention by maintaining muscle length and remedying tension and tightness
  • Increases blood flow and elasticity of muscle tissue, joints, and fascia — the body’s connective tissue — which helps with mobility, overall well-being, and a smoother appearance of fat underneath your skin


Hight Quality Yoga Roller

Material: Solid urethane

Dimension: 31cm (L) x 13 cm (W) x 13 cm (H)

Fitness Core-ner Yoga Foam Roller

Fitness Core-ner Yoga Foam Roller