Blazepod-Accessories: Blazepod Case for 6 Pods


Safely store 6 Pods on their charging base, along with the charging cable in the BlazePod hard shell case.

• BlazePod case for 6 Pods

**Products shown are for illustration purposes only pods are not included. 



Fitness Corener 1The Product Design

• Case for 6 Pods

1-Year Warranty

Blazepod-Accessories: Blazepod Case for 4 Pods

Fitness Corener 2Applications

For professional sports coaches, therapists & fitness trainers.

Additional information

Weight 0.5 kg
  • Durable: Water resistant (IP65), UV protected
  • Portable: small and lightweight

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Blazepod - Track Your PerformanceBlazepod - Track Your PerformanceBlazepod - Track Your Performance


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