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Always verify the source before providing your personal information

It is so disappointed that one of recruitment firms is having disinformation about Fitness Core-ner’s job recruitment- The un-authorized recruitment firm created and posted 7 job positions by using Fitness Core-ner Pte. Ltd. Company name on their recruitment website which is considering as illegal behavior. Fitness Core-ner is making a police report on it.

What will it happen to you? Once job seekers click “APPLY NOW”, you are not linked to Fitness Core-ner, but to somewhere else which require for register. In the case, job seekers provide personal information and they collect it. Will the information or resume to reach Fitness Core-ner? NO, it will not since Fitness Core-ner doesn’t corporate with it.

This fake news is false/ misleading information presented as recruitment news.  It damages the reputation of Fitness Core-ner, or making money through advertising revenue by their own purpose.  We don’t know the Purpose of the recruitment firm, however, Fitness Core-ner reserves legal right for any damages to the Company.

Please always verify the source before proving your personal information in this digital world.

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