Single Station

Prone Leg Curl -S73




  1. Chest pad and hip pad form a diverging angle which encourages a full range of motion and helps reduce lower-back stress
  2. Standard range-of-motion adjuster for individual preference
  3. Pivot location clearly marked to encourage correct alignment




Frame & Belt

Belt Transmission: Reinforced 15/16" Kevlar/ urethane belt

Over-size Internal Frame Tubing: Yes

Frame Finish: Proprietary two-coated powder process

Frame Color: Iced Silver

Weight Stack

Self-Iubricating Weight Stack Bushings: Solid cold-rolled steel plate, with teflon inner busings

Weight Pins: Magnetic & tethered

Guards & PUlleys Covers: Yes

Suspension: 3-Point Design

Product Weight: 272kg/ 600lbsDimension: (LxWxH) 177.5x 111.7x 173.6 cm/ 69.9" x 44" x 68.3"

Weight Stack: 91kg/ 200 lbs