Functional & Group Training

Double Mega Rack Configuration


  1. A combination of two MG-MR47 MEGA Power Racks and custom connecting elements expands your options by allowing more individuals to train in less space  
  2. As shown with adjustable safety bars, dual-grip chin bars, bar storage, band storage and weight storage  
  3. J-hooks made of high-density polyethylene (HDPE) to protect bar knurling from scratches  
  4. Visual height indicator and colored locking pin make bar-level changes quick and easy
  5. 6 retractable lower band pegs per rack (12 total)
  6.  As shown with one 305 cm / 10' Straight Ladder (OPT32-10) and one 305 cm / 10' Pyramid Ladder (OPT33-10). Also available in 244 cm / 8' ladder options.8

Dimension: (LxWxH) 206x 574x 288 cm/ 81" x 226" x 113.5" (8" Connector)                          

                   (LxWxH) 206x 635x 289.5 cm/ 81"x 250"x 114" (10" Connector)                        

Product Weight: 866KG/ 1909/5lbs (8" Connector)                                                              

                           887kg/ 1955.5lbs (10" Connector)