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  1. LED console display with expanded feedback offers intuitive operation
  2. Innovative command seating position ensures a convenient and comfortable workout
  3. Intuitive one-hand adjustment fine-tunes seat position
  4. Step-thru entry for easy access
  5. Pivoting arm rest for maximum comfort
  6. Self-powered system provides cost-savings and freedom of placement within facility

DISPLAY TYPE                                                         Dot-matrix LED with profile display

DISPLAY FEEDBACK                                              Time of Day, Time Elapsed, Time Remaining, Total Program Time, Distance (Kilometers or Miles), Calories, Level, Speed, RPM, Heart Rate, METs, Watts, Workout Profile

SECONDARY DATA DISPLAY                                No

USER-DEFINED MULTI-LANGUAGE DISPLAY  Accessible only through Manager Menu: English, German, French, Italian, Spanish, Dutch, Portuguese, Japanese, Swedish, Finnish, Turkish, Polish

RESISTANCE RANGE                                              1-30

WORKOUTS                                                              Manual, Constant Watts, Fat Burn, Interval Training, Target HR, Fitness Test

ONE-BUTTON START                                             Yes

ON-THE-FLY PROGRAM CHANGE                      Yes

PAUSE FUNCTION                                                  Yes

READING RACK                                                     Yes